Welcoming a New Office Mate

I’m fairly new to the Motoza family, but even after only three months here it really does already feel like a family. In fact, Motoza made the transition working here so easy it already felt like a little work family by day three. It’s important for offices to create a comfortable working environment for all of it’s workers but it’s especially important for the new workers to feel welcome early on. I want to explain how our small SEO office has perfected this and why we’re probably better at it than your office.

I’ve worked in an office once before, and the environment was entirely different. For one thing, everyone had cubicles. While it’s nice to have your own little office space, cubicles also separate you from the people you’re working with. The enclosed space doesn’t allow you to comfortably chat with your fellow workers and in my opinion it limits your creativity. That’s why at Motoza I was pleasantly surprised to find that rather than cubicles we use sizable desks, all connected to each other, with a small shelf between each of our desks to hold any decorations we bring for our desk. This allows us space to breathe and work, as well as give our desks our own personalities, and we can still see our fellow co-workers.

Another big difference between my first office job and Motoza is the sense of community we create through music. With a TV next to our desks we’re all able to chromecast music from YouTube to listen to. Usually we’ll stick with classical music or movie soundtracks that are easy to listen to and multitask. Sometimes we’ll play a new movie trailer, a classic SNL sketch, or we’ll all bond over hating one person’s weird choice in music that he insists on playing. Sharing music with each other is a fun and easy way to get to know one another pretty quickly, with no speaking necessary.

Unlike most offices, Motoza makes a point of spending time together outside of the office. In my short time here they have already gone out of their way to throw two parties (one for Halloween and one for Thanksgiving), and we’ve scheduled days to go to the movies together or just go out to lunch. Seeing your co-workers in a non-work context allows you to get to know each other better than you did before and makes working together flow much easier.

No matter what type of office you work in, whether you work in SEO marketing like us or laser hair removal (as one of our clients does) you can incorporate different ways to welcome in a newbie to the office. It can be as simple as a gift mug and sweatshirt on the first day (which Motoza gave me). Just make sure that your new employees feel welcomed and they will be much more willing to work efficiently with smiles on their faces.

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