If you're a parent of triplets, there is a good chance that it's been a while since you went on holiday! With three young children to take care of and only mum and dad to do so, there are bound to be challenges aplenty when it comes to family accommodations. However, it's important that you still get that time away from home, and a family holiday could be just what you need. Read on for some steps on how to travel with your triplets while still maintaining your sanity! 

Plan well

A lot of the success of your trip will be in how well you plan it, so, as dull as planning can be, take your time in this stage.

To start, ask yourself what your children's routine is at home; if you can, it will be really helpful to try and stick to that as closely as possible when you travel, as young children do well with routine. Perhaps your kids always have a nap at lunchtime, or religiously like a bath before bed. Easy. Find a hotel with a bath and make sure that your kids are able to have a little snooze around lunchtime. Obviously, this may not work every day -- and it's important that your kids learn some spontaneity -- but if you can stick to a routine as much as possible, it should mean that your kids are a lot more relaxed and less prone to have a meltdown in the middle of the theme park!

Choose your hotel room wisely

Obviously, you want to make sure your hotel room is as big as possible so that it can house your brood. If you can find a place that has adjoining rooms, even better. Speak to the hotel before you book to find out their policy on how many kids are allowed in one room, and whether they offer put-up beds.

Try and bring some of your children's things with them to make your hotel room seem more familiar, whether that be favourite toys, books, or a favoured blanket. Do bring a nightlight as well to reduce the possibility of having to sleep with the hotel room light on due to a scared tot!

It may be worth downloading a white noise app on your phone so that any unfamiliar hotel noises, such as the guests coming and going, can be blocked out.

Take some resealable plastic bags

With three kids to look after, large resealable plastic bags will make your life a lot easier when on holiday! Be sure to take lots, as you'll probably use more than you think you will. They can be used to pack snacks on the go, to pop games into for the flight, to store hand wipes etc.

Above all, try and enjoy yourself on your holiday. Remember, you are creating memories for your children, so try not to over-worry.