Visiting the Grand Canyon is a 'must do' for many international travellers. Exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site is something that should be carefully planned. The Canyon is beautiful and vast, and there are numerous options for exploring the area. Taking a bus tour is one of the best ways to see the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, as it provides a varied adventure with excellent cost savings, attractive scenery, and a well-balanced itinerary to suit a wide range of travellers.

Cost savings

Something that many travellers overlook on international trips is the price of food: due to the large numbers of tourists at the Grand Canyon, meals can often be overpriced and poor quality. However, most bus tours have lunch included with the trip, which is an excellent alternative that can save you money. Canyon bus tours often provide water and Wi-Fi as well: if you are far away from home, having these amenities can be a cheap way to feel comfortable, and make your trip significantly less stressful. For overseas visitors, a bus tour is also significantly cheaper than hiring a rental car, and you won't need to worry about organising or paying for vehicle insurance. Another crucial cost saving in taking a bus tour is that they are typically day-trips: this means that you don't need to pay for a hotel in the park or along the rim of the Canyon, which can be expensive.

Beautiful scenery

The Grand Canyon has many vistas and locations from which you can look out upon the scenery. Bus tours leaving from Las Vegas take the route along the South Rim of the canyon, which has many gorgeous viewpoints that are easily accessible, and it is open all year. Taking a bus tour from Las Vegas usually means you will leave early in the day, and return late at night: this is to ensure that visitors are provided with ample time to get out and walk around the Canyon. The South Rim has three must-see locations: the Grand Canyon Village, Hermit Road, and Desert View Drive. Some of these locations are only accessible by bus tour, such as Hermit Road, which is open to commercial buses year-round, but closed to private vehicles for most of the year.


A bus tour will take you along the well-travelled parts of the canyon, which means that there are plenty of amenities for tourists, and safe paths for hiking and exploring. Taking a bus tour provides a good balance for those looking for a trip with some support, but enough freedom to adventure into the Canyon alone. The trip from Las Vegas is one of the shorter trips to the canyon--only 5 hours; some other locations that provide tours can take as many as 7 or 8 hours, which makes a day trip from locations other than Las Vegas not particularly feasible.

The Grand Canyon is a beautiful tourist destination with a long history and rich culture. It is the only one of the Seven Natural Wonders in North America, and a bus tour is an ideal way for international visitors to experience this breathtaking and ever-changing scenic marvel.